The challenges out there are not for the nearest available generalist, but for experts who can engage with HQ and project teams with minimum fuss and maximise the time to address above ground risks. AG-RS therefore combines ASIS International board certified CPP management oversight with the skills and local expertise of our highly regarded resident Country Partners.


AG-RS Managing and Country Partners understand the need for practical sustainable solutions, speak the language, and know the lay of the land. We have experienced the thorniest issues in person, be they violent blockades, facility occupation by militant groups, fired workers on hunger strike or volatile social protest groups attempting to burn down an exploration camp.


AG-RS personnel are qualified with ASIS International CPP, UK Defence Academy certifications and have undertaken industry specific courses such as ‘Applied Ethics’ & ‘Strategic Social Management’ from the University of British Columbia: Institute of Mining Engineering. We align our work to build in sustainability and CSR best practices, particularly Equator and Voluntary Principles, DPI DPF, IFC performance standards and ICMM Principle IV.


We have a proven track record, with over a decade of experience working throughout the Americas whilst also bringing insights from work further afield in countries as varied as Pakistan, Kurdistan, Bulgaria, Spain and Indonesia.


Our country and industry experience includes:






As one client CEO put it:

“Your attention to detail, degree of communications and overall straightforward insistence on the maintenance of solid safety and security standards is the finest I have witnessed”.

Case references of our project work include:


Market entry strategy insights and senior government liaison for an oil super-major seeking to enter a divided and post-conflict country


Area risk assessment, local stakeholder engagement and first field reconnaissance to assist initiation of offshore seismic survey project, following a tender win


Political risk assessment and security design advisory for gas pipeline in planning phase, crossing three national borders, various provinces and terrain types


Strategic risk mitigation planning (AGRP), Stakeholder Mapping, Monitoring & Management (S3M) and Project Threat Monitoring (PTM) for construction phase gold mine in a remote location subject to militant labor and union activity. Subsequent phases included Early Warning System (EWS) design & delivery


Strategic Communications campaign support to a Feasibility, Environmental and Social Impact study stage mining project in area of acute political risk and well organized social groups against extractive operations


Vulnerability Reduction and security organization review for gas production spread across an entire desert province with full range of drilling, processing & pipeline delivery operations


Loss Prevention and gold room security system design for mature former Soviet gold mine in re-activation and enhancement mode


Above Ground Risk Management (AGRM) and Taskforce Advisory for mature copper mine, one of the largest in the world, facing a multitude of internal and external forces & threats, including widespread illegal and artisanal mining


Above Ground Risk Management (AGRM) via embedded advisors for construction of cement mine facing complex regional politics and surrounded by serious community divisions


Project resilience enhancement via contingency planning & training for nationwide oil service company undertaking recovery enhancement and drilling


Governance monitoring, MOU creation and local security forces VPSHR training support to exploration phase nickel mine in very remote, environmentally sensitive location


Security System Design and device infrastructure plan for $250 million, multiple building facility, housing over 1000 employees and contractors


Journey Risk Management for senior executives of a US government funded project conducting root and branch review of national electricity company of the poorest country in western hemisphere


Acquisition Assistance and due diligence for a potential purchase of a large coal company operating in formerly armed political group held territory, with alleged historical human rights issues


Vulnerability Reduction & crisis response support for large scale copper mine going through major downsizing with resultant strikes, social pressure and site blockades