We form long-term partnerships with our clients and partners, based on mutual respect and leveraging the combined expertise & effort. We recognize the limits of our own knowledge. Drawing from well of information already within the company, at all levels, is key. We listen to all departments to build consensus, leverage existing tools whenever possible & create a force multiplier effect.


Sometimes the route to take is simple and surgical, sometimes we’ll need to have the confidence to challenge the status quo together. Our objective commentary combined with the business insights will help cut through complexity for the best course of action. For instance, including our inputs in Feasibility (FS) and Social Impact (SIA) studies helps projects to calibrate opposition and project vulnerability with greater certainty and proactively plan to solve issues before they snowball to become a factor that sours the commercial NPV projection.


Our tools and templates are founded upon acceptance strategy as a far more cost-effective way of operating than confrontation. Where serious threats do occur our innovative tool of Early Warning System has helped projects resolve and reduce unplanned events like blockades and strikes, saving at times an estimated two million USD per day.


With the results being more risk-informed market entry, early warning of issues, risk avoidance and improved resilience AG-RS will directly benefit the bottom-line, with measurable Return On Investment.  By improving early warning and building resilience our work has been shown to reduce cost-overruns from permitting issues, landowner complaints and protest blockades.


We look forward to working together to help high impact projects:

  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Avoid operational shocks by leveraging above ground risk planning, early warning systems and resilience building with pro-active management to drive the project forward, maintain social acceptance and achieve productivity goals
  • Ensure as best we can success, security and prosperity for employees, contractors, stakeholders, shareholders & host communities