Those involved with mining operations know that their sites are large, typically remote and unmovable.

Mining needs to co-exist with host communities that may resent their presence and activities and may periodically protest them.

Criminal elements may see the commodities produced, such as gold, as tempting targets. Individuals and organized groups may seek to trespass to obtain ore bearing materials or commit theft of scrap metal or valuables such as copper wire. The scale and size of operations often make perimeter fences ineffective as well as cost prohibitive and security patrols and fixed technology can only cover so much ground.

Mining can benefit from additional tools to ensure safety & security.

Knowing the challenges faced by mining risk management experts, Above Ground Risk Solutions (AG-RS) is proud to offer a new solution to help you monitor, track and safeguard large scale operations.

Working in partnership with AKTEK, the new AMP software module allows mining security managers and their teams to build digital perimeters around key areas of operations and track mobility patterns inside virtual geo-fences.

This helps corporate and site teams work together to detect and analyze anomalies and unusual activity even in remote, large locations, giving mining companies the power to monitor for potential trespassers and better focus ground resources in response, all from their desktop.

What Value Does AMP Provide?

AMP enables you to map activity detected in specific geo-fences within a given timeframe, without having to install any hardware and in just minutes.

Community relations can have insights on locations of importance, alongside seasonal changes in community activity.

Security can set up virtual perimeters and detect anomalies, such as locations being visited out of work hours, proximity to vulnerable areas such as PLS pipelines or HAZMAT locations, or at unloading bays of warehouses. Over time vulnerability points can be identified. AMP can proactively detect activity over wide kilometer sized areas without any other source input needed. This is particularly useful in remote or hard to monitor areas such as jungle, at night and when team resources are scarce. The value of this related to illegal mining incursions and pit intruders is particularly high.

Investigations teams can use the software to query in and around a time and location of a safety or security incident. New insights can be gained by scheduling recurrent monitoring of locations of high importance, such as gold refineries. With the ability to query multiple locations this can also provide new insights on product theft. AMP also facilitates uniquely long-range remote investigation, of particular interest in the aftermath of kidnapping or sabotage incidents. 

Exploration teams can use the system to protect land rights, provide over-watch capability on concession areas that are typically left vulnerable and/or areas lying currently dormant, perhaps without company presence. The system can alert on unusual activity, such as incursions by illegal miners or loggers, before their presence becomes a major cost and their activity a potential liability. 

Project construction & development teams can use the system on land areas likely or scheduled to be developed, but without current company presence. This can give warning of occupation of land by aggrieved or opportunisitc stakeholder groups or competing commerical interest groups such as informal miners.

Mine closure and land reclamation teams, who have the challenge of monitoring areas under Care & Maintenance with very limited resources can use the same solution to be alerted of recent incursions that could affect the environmental integrity of the area, giving early warning of potential liabilities to be addressed, before it is too late.

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We are able to provide advisory both in the field as well as provide the analytical backbone for the use of such new technologies as AMP. 

AG-RS and its technology partner AKTEK are currently implementing a 12 month Pilot of AMP with a multi-national gold mining client.

Talk to us and discover how to get ahead of the curve as well and use new technologies to help you gain visibility and actionable insights in your remote operations and remove blind spots.

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